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11-9-1-4 cell, 184A1N4 cell, 250MK cell, 4T1 cell, 4TO7 cell, 76NF2V cell, 8305C cell, 8505C cell, abdomen, abdominal adipose tissue, AC2M2 cell, ACT-1 cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell line, ARO cell, ascites, ascites tumor cell, atypical ductal hyperplasia cell, AU-565 cell, B-CPAP cell, BHT-101 cell, bipolar cell, BRE-80 cell, breast, breast adenocarcinoma cell line, breast cancer cell, breast cancer cell line, breast cell line, breast epithelial cell, breast epithelium, breast fibroadenoma cell, breast invasive ductal carcinoma cell, BT-20 cell, BT-474 cell, BT-483 cell, BT-549 cell, C-127 cell, C-643 cell, C127I cell, C57MG cell, CAL-51 cell, CAL-62 cell, CAMA-1 cell, carotid artery, carotid artery endothelial cell, carotid atherosclerotic plaque, carotid body, cavernous artery, cephalothorax, CGTH-W1 cell, chela, Cl-66 cell, Cl-66M2 cell, colostrum, diaphragm, dorsal fin, dorsum, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cell, electric organ, electrocyte, EMT-6 cell, epiglottis, ER-1 cell, ERpP cell, external carotid artery, F28-7 cell, FB-1 cell, fin, FM3A cell, follicular adenoma cell, follicular thyroid cancer cell, FRTL-5 cell, FTC-133 cell, FTC-236 cell, glomus cell, glottis, groin, HB4a cell, HBL-100 cell, HC-11 cell, HC11-C24 cell, HCC-1395 cell, HCC-1569 cell, HCC-1937 cell, HCC-1954 cell, HCC-38 cell, HCC-70 cell, HEp-2 cell, hip joint, HME cell, HMEC-1330 cell, HMEpC cell, HMT-3522 cell, HMT-3522 T4-2 cell, Hs-578T cell, HTC-C3 cell, HTh-7 cell, HTh-74 cell, Huma-7 cell, Human-7 cell, HuMMEC cell, Hunter's organ, IMEC cell, inferior mesenteric vein, inguinal canal, internal carotid artery, intersegmental muscle, invasive breast apocrine carcinoma cell, IT-79MTNC3 cell, JC cell, JIMT-1 cell, jugular vein, KAT-18 cell, Krebs ascites cell, Krebs II ascites cell, L56Br-C1 cell, lacteal cyst, laryngeal cancer cell, laryngeal cancer cell line, laryngeal cartilage, laryngeal muscle, laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell line, larynx, LLC-WRC 256 cell, loin, MACL-1 cell, mammary duct, mammary ductal carcinoma cell, mammary epithelial cell, mammary epithelial cell line, mammary epithelium, mammary gland, mammary gland cell line, mammary gland tumor cell, mammary gland tumor cell line, mammary myoepithelial cell, MCF-10A cell, MCF-10A neoT cell, MCF-10F cell, MCF-12A cell, MCF-12F cell, MCF-7 cell, MCF-7/2a cell, MCF-7/LCC9 cell, MCS-2 cell, MDA-B02 cell, MDA-MB-157 cell, MDA-MB-175-VII cell, MDA-MB-231 cell, MDA-MB-231-BAG cell, MDA-MB-231-Luc2 cell, MDA-MB-361 cell, MDA-MB-415 cell, MDA-MB-435 cell, MDA-MB-435S cell, MDA-MB-436 cell, MDA-MB-453 cell, MDA-MB-468 cell, MDA435/LCC6MDR1 cell, medullary breast carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell line, mesenteric lymph node, mesenteric vein, mesentery, MGSO-3 cell, milk, milk fat, MM46 cell, MM5MT cell, MMT-060562 cell, molting fluid, molting gland, MRK-nu-1 cell, MX-1 cell, nape, neck, nipple, NMuMg cell, NPA cell, Nthy-ori 3-1 cell, nuchal ligament, OCUT-1 cell, OCUT-2 cell, ONCO-DG1 cell, papillary thyroid cancer cell, papillary thyroid cancer cell line, parathyroid gland, parenchyma of thyroid gland, PCCL-3 cell, pectoral fin, pectoral muscle, pelvis, peritoneal cavity, peritoneal dialysis fluid, peritoneal exudate, peritoneal fluid, peritoneal mesothelium, peritoneum, photophore, pleopod, psoas, psoas major, psoas minor, ring gland, Sach's organ, SAF-1 cell, scent gland, scolopale cell, sensillum, sensillum trichodeum, SK-BR-3 cell, SUM-149PT cell, SUM-159PT cell, SUM-185PE cell, superior mesenteric vein, SW-1736 cell, swim bladder, T-47 cell, T-47D cell, TAD-2 cell, tail, tail fin, tail muscle, telson, tergal gland, tergal gland secretion, thoracic leg, thorax, thorax muscle, throat, thymic cortex, thymic cortical epithelial cell, thymic epithelium, thymic medulla, thymic medullary epithelium, thymocyte, thymoma cell, thymus, thyroid cancer cell, thyroid cancer cell line, thyroid cartilage, thyroid cell line, thyroid epithelial cell, thyroid follicle, thyroid follicular epithelial cell, thyroid gland, thyroid nodule, trunk, TSA cell, TT cell, UACC-812 cell, UACC-893 cell, uropygial gland, venom, venom apparatus, venom duct, venom gland, venom sac, vocal fold, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, walking leg, YMB-1 cell, YMB-1-E cell, ZR-75 cell, ZR-75-1 cell, ZR-75-30 cell