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BRENDA support


Migration finished
With the start of 2024, we have completed the migration to the DSMZ.

All BRENDA services are now running on a new IT infrastructure and we can once again focus on the further development of BRENDA and the delivery of updates. 2024 will be an exciting year for BRENDA and DSMZ Digital Diversity.

Stay tuned for future developments!
Database migration
We have migrated some of our central management database to new servers.

We used the opportunity to clean up our user database. We have removed all users with unverified emails older than 2 weeks from now.

If your account has been deleted by accident, please register again. If there are any other problems, please contact the BRENDA support!
Introducing: Quick Feedback!
Feedback from our users is very important to us! We want to make it as easy as possible to give us feedback to our pages. Now you can give us feedback for every page with just 3 taps! Try it out and help us to improve BRENDA!
New user system
We have enabled a new login and user system. This should resolve problems with undelivered registration emails. When logged in, you can also subscribe/unsubscribe to the BRENDA newsletter. Keep in mind, that registering for a BRENDA account is only needed if you need SOAP access, or if you would like to receive the newsletter. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact the BRENDA support.
BRENDA json download
BRENDA is now available to download in json format!

The download can be found here and a documentation of the format is available here. If you have any feedback, please contact us using our support form.
SOAP service update
We have updated the SOAP service to give feedback if username/password was not correct or the account was not activated yet. The client should now throw a SoapFault exception in this case, which can be caught in the client application.

We have tested this with Python 3.10 and PHP clients. If you can give feedback for other clients, please use the support form.
New update 2022.1 released!
We have released the January 2022 update of BRENDA:
- 76 new enzyme classes
- 428 updated enzyme classes
- New BRENDA team page
- Updated header/footer and mainpage design
- Improved site loading performance
- And smaller fixes and improvements
BRENDA Webinar Video
We had a webinar on the ELIXIR platform. The aim of the webinar is to give an introduction to BRENDA to scientists across all disciplines within the life sciences, to learn and understand the history, scope, content, data sources, and organization of the database and how to work with the tools in diverse application areas. For the video look here:
A new classified SARS-Cov-2 enzyme in BRENDA
Coming soon! A new classified SARS-Cov-2 enzyme, the BRENDA EC number 3.4.22.B80, an addition to papain-like proteinase 2 EC 3.4.22.B50 and papain-like proteinase 1 EC 3.4.22.B14