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Archaea can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
archaeon can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(species)
archaeon #33-9 (species)
archaeon 4R (species)
archaeon A1 (species)
archaeon AQ6F (species)
archaeon A_20 (species)
archaeon BC1 (species)
archaeon BC10 (species)
archaeon BC11 (species)
archaeon BC12 (species)
archaeon BC14 (species)
archaeon BC15 (species)
archaeon BC16 (species)
archaeon BC17 (species)
archaeon BC18 (species)
archaeon BC2 (species)
archaeon BC20 (species)
archaeon BC21 (species)
archaeon BC22 (species)
archaeon BC23 (species)
archaeon BC25 (species)
archaeon BC26 (species)
archaeon BC27 (species)
archaeon BC28 (species)
archaeon BC29 (species)
archaeon BC3 (species)
archaeon BC30 (species)
archaeon BC32 (species)
archaeon BC33 (species)
archaeon BC34 (species)
archaeon BC4 (species)
archaeon BC5 (species)
archaeon BC6 (species)
archaeon BC8 (species)
archaeon BC9 (species)
archaeon CP.B3 (species)
archaeon D22 (species)
archaeon Ea1 (species)
archaeon Ea10 (species)
archaeon Ec5 (species)
archaeon ES1R1 (species)
archaeon Fa17 (species)
archaeon Fa2 (species)
archaeon Fa5 (species)
archaeon Fc2 (species)
archaeon G61 (species)
archaeon G70 (species)
archaeon G76.1 (species)
archaeon G76.3 (species)
archaeon G76.4 (species)
archaeon G80 (species)
archaeon Ga66 (species)
archaeon GC1 (species)
archaeon GC3 (species)
archaeon GC4 (species)
archaeon GC6 (species)
archaeon GC7 (species)
archaeon GC8 (species)
archaeon GC9 (species)
archaeon GSL1A (species)
archaeon GSL1C (species)
archaeon GSL1D (species)
archaeon Hd13 (species)
archaeon HR01 (species)
archaeon HR02 (species)
archaeon HR03 (species)
archaeon HR04 (species)
archaeon HR05 (species)
archaeon HR06 (species)
archaeon Ib25 (species)
archaeon Ib43 (species)
archaeon K-4a2 (species)
archaeon K-5a2 (species)
archaeon M1NMI (species)
archaeon M1SMI (species)
archaeon M21 (species)
archaeon M25 (species)
archaeon MD4 (species)
archaeon OC1 (species)
archaeon OC11 (species)
archaeon OC13 (species)
archaeon OC14 (species)
archaeon OC15 (species)
archaeon OC18 (species)
archaeon OC2 (species)
archaeon OC21 (species)
archaeon OC22 (species)
archaeon OC23 (species)
archaeon OC24 (species)
archaeon OC25 (species)
archaeon OC26 (species)
archaeon OC27 (species)
archaeon OC28 (species)
archaeon OC29 (species)
archaeon OC3 (species)
archaeon OC4 (species)
archaeon OC6 (species)
archaeon OC7 (species)
archaeon PY-10 (species)
archaeon PY-11 (species)
archaeon PY-12 (species)
archaeon PY-2 (species)
archaeon PY-3 (species)
archaeon PY-4 (species)
archaeon PY-5 (species)
archaeon PY-6 (species)
archaeon PY-7 (species)
archaeon PY-8 (species)
archaeon PY-9 (species)
archaeon R1 (species)
archaeon RC1 (species)
archaeon RC12 (species)
archaeon RC16 (species)
archaeon RC17 (species)
archaeon RC18 (species)
archaeon RC19 (species)
archaeon RC2 (species)
archaeon RC20 (species)
archaeon RC22 (species)
archaeon RC23 (species)
archaeon RC24 (species)
archaeon RC25 (species)
archaeon RC26 (species)
archaeon RC27 (species)
archaeon RC28 (species)
archaeon RC29 (species)
archaeon RC3 (species)
archaeon RC31 (species)
archaeon RC32 (species)
archaeon RC33 (species)
archaeon RC34 (species)
archaeon RC35 (species)
archaeon RC36 (species)
archaeon RC37 (species)
archaeon RC38 (species)
archaeon RC40 (species)
archaeon RC42 (species)
archaeon RC43 (species)
archaeon RC5 (species)
archaeon RC6 (species)
archaeon RC7 (species)
archaeon RC8 (species)
archaeon RC9 (species)
archaeon SJ (species)
archaeon UBA55 (species)
archaeon WN16 (species)
archaeon WN32 (species)
archaeon WN46 (species)
archaeon WN5 (species)
archaeon WN6 (species)
archaeon WN8 (species)
27 subitems Bacteria can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
20 subitems Eukaryota can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
35 subitems Viruses (superkingdom)