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Amino acid exchange
construction of enzyme OscZOG1-overexpression transgenic lines and knockout lines, phenotypes, overview. O-glucosides of cis-zeatin (cZOG) are increased significantly in shoots of the OscZOG1-overexpression transgenic rice line (OE-3) while no significant differences are found in the levels of transzeatin O-glucosides (tZOG) between wild-type and the overexpression transgenic line OE-3. In contrast, the amounts of cZOG are lower in shoots of the OscZOG1-RNAi transgenic line (Ri-1) comapred to the wild-type shoots. Levels of trans-zeatin and cis-zeatin are varied slightly among wild-type, the OscZOG1-RNAi transgenic line and OscZOG1-overexpression transgenic line
Results 1 - 1 of 1