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EC Number
AtDRP1A; B-dynamin <Swissprot>; caSey1p; D100 <Swissprot>; dDyn; DLC1; DLP-1; DLP1; Dnm1; DNM1L; DNM2; DNM3; DRP; Drp1; DRP1E; DRP5A; Drp6; DrpB; Dyn; Dyn I; Dyn-1; Dyn1; DYN2; dynamin; dynamin 1; dynamin 1 GTPase; dynamin 2; dynamin 2aa; dynamin 3; Dynamin BREDNM19 <Swissprot>; dynamin family GTPase; dynamin GTPase; dynamin I; dynamin I GTPase; dynamin I guanosine triphosphatase; Dynamin UDNM <Swissprot>; Dynamin, brain <Swissprot>; Dynamin, testicular <Swissprot>; dynamin-1; dynamin-1 GTPase; dynamin-1-like GTPase; dynamin-2; dynamin-3; dynamin-like GTPase; dynamin-like guanosine triphosphatase; dynamin-like guanosine-triphosphate hydrolase; dynamin-like myxovirus resistance protein A; dynamin-like protein 1; dynamin-like protein 6; dynamin-related GTPase; dynamin-related protein; dynamin-related protein 1; dynamin-related protein 1A; dynamin-related protein 1E; dynamin-related protein 2A; dynamin-related protein B; dynamin-retated GTPase Drp1; dynamin1; dynamin2; dynamine-related GTPase; dynein light chain 1; dynI; dynI GTPase; GTP phosphohydrolase; GTPase; GTPase dynamin; GTPase dynamin-1; GTPase dynamin-related protein 1; guanine triphosphatase; guanosine 5'-triphosphatase; guanosine triphosphatase; large GTPase; Mfn1; mitochondrial division dynamin; mitochondrial dynamin; mitochondrial inner membrane fusion dynamin Mgm1; mitofusin 1; mOPA1; Mx GTPase; MX1; MxA; myxovirus resistance GTPase; neurolastin; Nicotiana tabacum dynamin-related protein 3; NtDRP3; OPA1; optic atrophy 1; PfDYN2; phosphatase, guanosine tri-; Protein shibire; ribosomal GTPase; Sey1p; Shibire protein <Swissprot>; T-dynamin <Swissprot>
dynamin 2
dynamin 2 is a GTPase involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis during viral entry
dynamin 1; dynamin-1
GTPase activity
human dynamin-1aa splice variant
DlpA; DlpB; DlpC; Dyn1; DYN2; Dyn2aa; Dyn2ab; Dyn3; dynamin 3; dynamin1; dynamin2
dynamin 1
isoform, originally identified as a microtubule-binding protein
dynamin 2
isoform, plays a key role in endocytosis, actin dynamics, and membrane trafficking and is the only isoform that functions during cytokinesis
rat dynamin-2ba splice variant
required for normal actin organization
Dyn2ba; Dyn2bb
splice variant
Results 1 - 10 of 10