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EC Number
AAA+ Lon protease; AAA+ protease; AfLon; archaeal Lon protease; ATP-dependent lon protease; ATP-dependent Lon proteinase; ATP-dependent PIM1 protease; ATP-dependent protease La; ATP-dependent protease lon; ATP-dependent serine proteinase; ATP-independent Lon-like protease; bacterial protease lon; EcLon; Escherichia coli proteinase La; Escherichia coli serine proteinase La; Gene lon protease; Gene lon proteins; human ATP-dependent protease; human lon protease; i-AAA Protease; la; lon; lon (la) protease; lon (Pim1p) protease; lon ATP-dependent protease; lon protease; LON protease 1; Lon protein; Lon proteinase; lon-like protease; lon1; lon2; lon4; lonA; lonB; lonB protease; LonC; LonC protease; lonD; LONP1; lonR9; lonS; lonTK; lonV; mitochondrial ATP-dependent protease; Ms-Lon; MtaLonC; non-canonical RNA viral Lon proteinase; PIM1; PIM1 protease; PIM1 proteinase; Pim1p; protease; Protease La; protease lon; Proteinase La; Proteinase, Escherichia coli serine, La; Proteinase, La; Proteins, gene lon; Proteins, specific or class, gene lon; serine protease; Serine protease La; yeast mitochondrial lon; yeast protease
lon protease
locus name
possibly a pseudogene
similarity between BPP1347 and fragments of the N-domain of lon
Results 1 - 5 of 5