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EC Number
alpha-trypsin; anionic salmon trypsin; anionic trypsin; Anionic trypsinogen; AST; aT-I; aT-II; Atlantic cod trypsin I; beta-trypsin; BPT; Brain trypsinogen; BT; cationic trypsin; Cationic trypsinogen; cocoonase; CST; EFE; EG-T; fibrinolytic enzyme; gamma-trypsin; GM-T; group III trypsin; mesotrypsin; Mesotrypsinogen; midgut-specific serine protease 1; midgut-specific serine protease 2; p23; parenzyme; parenzymol; PPT; pro23; pseudotrypsin; SET; SGT; sperm receptor hydrolase; TLE; TLE I; TLE II; TR-P; TR-S; tripcellim; TRP; Try; TRY-3; TRYP; trypsin 1; trypsin 3A1; trypsin 4; trypsin A; trypsin B; trypsin I; trypsin IV; trypsin type III; trypsin Y; trypsin-3; trypsin-like enzyme; trypsin-like serine proteinase; tryptar; tryptase; trypure; type I trypsin; type IX pancreatic trypsin
ST-1; ST-2; ST-3; TI; TIIA; TIII; TryI; TryII; TryIII; trypsin-1; trypsin-2
serine protease with trypsin-like activity specific of the spermatozoa
brain isozyme
bovine-sequence trypsin solution produced from corn, commercial recombinant enzyme preparation
trypsin is a member of the large family of serine proteases
Results 1 - 7 of 7