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EC Number
5'-GMP kinase; apo-EcGMPK; ATP: GMP phosphotransferase; ATP:GMP phosphotransferase; BmGK; Cavbeta1b; Cavbeta2a; deoxyguanylate kinase; DLG1/SAP97; ecGMPK; GK; GK3; GKc; GKpm; GMK; GMK3; GMP kinase; GMPK; guanosine monophosphate kinase; guanosine monophosphate kinase (EcGMPK); guanylate kinase; guanylate kinase (GK); guanylate monophosphate kinase; GUK; kinase, guanylate (phosphorylating); MAGUK; MAGUK PSD-95; MAGUKs; membrane associated guanylate kinase; membrane associated guanylate kinase protein; membrane-associated guanylate kinase; membrane-associated guanylate kinases; organellar GK; post-synaptic density-95 membrane associated guanylate kinase; postsynaptic density protein-95 SH3 GK; PSD-95 GK; PSD-95 MAGUK; PSD-95alpha; PSD-95beta; Staphylococcus aureus guanylate monophosphate kinase; voltage-gated calcium channel beta1b; voltage-gated calcium channel beta2a; YGK
CASK polypeptide
cf. EC, the protein contains a guanylate kinase domain
the enzyme belongs to the post-synaptic density-95 membrane associated guanylate kinase, MAGUK, family of scaffolding proteins,
Results 1 - 3 of 3