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EC Number
At3g56120, aTrm5a methyltransferase, aTrm5a/Taw22-like enzyme, AtTrm5a, bacterial tRNA (guanine37-N1)-methyltransferase, bacterial tRNA-(N1G37) methyltransferase, EcTrmD, HiTrmD, HsTrm5, m1G37 tRNA methyltransferase, m1G37-forming tRNA methyltransferase, Mj-Trm5, MJ0883, MjTrm5, MjTrm5b, mono-functional methyltransferase, MtbTrmD, NEQ228, PA14_15990, PAB2272, PAB_RS03940, PaTrm5a, PaTrm5b, PaTrmD, SaTrmD, TAW22, transfer RNA (m1G37) methyltransferase, Trm1, TRM5, Trm5a, Trm5a/Taw22-like enzyme, trm5b, Trm5p, TrmD, TRMT5, tRNA (guanine(37)-N1)-methyltransferase 1, tRNA (guanine37-N1)-methyltransferase, tRNA (guanosine-1) methyltransferase, tRNA (m1G37) methyltransferase, tRNA (m1G37)-methyltransferase, tRNA m1G37 methyltransferase, tRNA methyltransferase, tRNA methyltransferase 5, tRNA methyltransferase D, tRNA(m(1)G37)methyltransferase, tRNA(m1G37) methyltransferase, tRNA(m1G37) MTase, tRNA(m1G37)methyltransferase, tRNA-(N1G37) methyltransferase, tRNAPhe:imG2 methyltransferase
locus name
Results 1 - 3 of 3