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EC Number
Posttranslational Modification
proteolytic modification
preprospermosin has a MW of 41896 Da. The N-terminal sequence of the preprospermosin corresponds to a signal peptide for a nascent protein destined for initial transfer to the endoplasmic reticulum. The pro-form of spermosin may start from Ser23
proteolytic modification
spermosin is synthesized as a preproenzyme with a molecular mass of 42000 Da, consisting of 388 amino acid residues. The N-terminal 22 residues of preprospermosin correspond to a signal peptide. There are two forms of spermosin in the sperm: the 33000 Da spermosin is made up of the heavy chain (residues 130-388) and the light chain (residues 97-129). The 40000 Da enzyme form consists of the heavy chain (residues 130-388) and the light chain (residues 23-129)
Results 1 - 2 of 2