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EC Number
isc operon, gene cfr
gene clbA, a cfr-like gene
or strain domuvar, gene clbC, a cfr-like gene
gene clbB, a cfr-like gene
formerly Clostridium difficile, gene cfr
Cfr is plasmid-encoded, the Escherichia coli JW2501-1 strain, that does not contain the RlmN MTase that normally mediates the m2A2503 modification, is used as the host for plasmids expressing the mutated Cfr proteins and isolation of total RNA. This is done to avoid the weak primer extension stop from the m2A2503 methylation that overlaps the Cfr-mediated m8A2503 stop and therefore interferes with assessment of the activity of the mutated Cfr proteins
plasmid(pMS2)-encoded enzyme
Results 1 - 10 of 19 > >>