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EC Number
enzyme can be used for reconstitution of 4-methyl sterol demethylations of cholesterol biosynthesis from lanosterol
the selective inhibition of human 3beta-HSD1 in breast tumors represents a potential treatment for hormone-sensitive breast cancer
used of mutated 3-ketosteroid reductase (Erg27) to obtain radioactive and non-radioactive intermediates of sterol biosynthesis hardly or not available commercially. The strategies are either incubation of cell homogenates of an Erg27-deletant strain with radioactive lanosterol, or incubation of growing cells of a strain expressing point-mutated 3-ketosteroid reductase with radioactive acetate. Chemical reduction of both radioactive and non-radioactive 3-keto sterones gives the physiological 3-beta-OH sterols, as well as the non-physiological 3-alpha-OH isomers
Results 1 - 3 of 3