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EC Number
Activating Compound
no stimulation by ethylene
not affected by 2,6-diaminopurine, 4-carbamoylimidazolium 5-olate, 8-azaadenine, and 2-fluoro-6-aminopurine
the enzyme activity is induced during wounding in tuber slices and is higher than the activities of enzyme involved in de novo synthesis of adenosine, effects of wounding on adenosine salvage involved enzymes, overview
effect is strongly influenced by pH, inhibition at pH 7.1: ATP, GMP, activation at pH 7.1: GTP, UMP, UTP, CMP, CTP, IMP, no effect at pH 7.1: AMP, inhibition at pH 8.0: AMP, ATP, GMP, GTP, UTP, CTP, IMP, no effect at pH 8.0: UMP, CMP
Results 1 - 4 of 4