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abdominal ganglion, amygdala, B-103 cell, B35 cell, bag cell neuron, basal ganglion, BE(2)-M17 cell, C-1300 cell, caudate nucleus, caudate putamen, celiac ganglion, central amygdaloid nucleus, cerebral ganglion, cervical ganglion, CHP-134 cell, claustrum, cochlear ganglion, corpus striatum, cranial ganglion, dorsal striatum, epibranchial ganglion, ganglion, GI-LA-N cell, globus pallidus, IMR-32 cell, IMR-5 cell, ingluvial ganglion, KELLY cell, KP-N-YN cell, LA1-55n cell, LAN-1 cell, LAN-5 cell, lewy body, medial amygdaloid nucleus, medium spiny neuron, MES-23.5 cell, Meynert's basal nucleus, middle cervical ganglion, MN-9D cell, MYCN2 cell, N18TG2 cell, N1E-115 cell, N2aEGFP cell, N2aSW cell, NB-1 cell, NB-1643 cell, NB-1691 cell, NB-39 cell, NB-69 cell, NB-7 cell, NB2a/d1 cell, neostriatal neuron, neostriatum, Neuro-2a cell, Neuro2A-Luc cell, neuroblastoma cell, neuroblastoma cell line, NG-108-15 cell, NMB cell, NMB-7 cell, NS20Y cell, NSC-34 cell, nucleus lentiformis, optic ganglion, parasympathetic ganglion, pars compacta, pars reticulata, pedal ganglion, peripheral ganglion, RCSN-3 cell, satellite glial cell, ScN2a cell, sensory ganglion, SH-EP cell, SH-EP1 cell, SH-SY5Y cell, SJNB-10 cell, SJNB-8 cell, SK-N-AS cell, SK-N-BE(2) cell, SK-N-BE(2)C cell, SK-N-DZ cell, SK-N-FI cell, SK-N-MC cell, SK-N-SH cell, SN4741 cell, spinal ganglion, stellate ganglion, stria terminalis, striatal neuron, striatonigral neuron, subesophageal ganglion, submandibular ganglion, substantia nigra, subthalamic nucleus, superior cervical ganglion, sympathetic ganglion, synganglion, Tay-Sachs disease specific cell type, Tet21N cell, thoracic ganglion, thoracico-abdominal ganglion, trigeminal ganglion, ventral globus pallidus, ventral striatum