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16-HBE14o cell, 1HAEo cell, 95D cell, A-427 cell, A-549 cell, A-716 cell, A549-CR cell, ACC-LC-319 cell, airway fluid, alveolar cell, alveolar cell type I, alveolar cell type II, alveolar epithelial cell, alveolar epithelial cell line, alveolar epithelium, alveolar sac, alveolar wall, alveolus, ASTC-a-1 cell, BEAS-2B cell, BEN cell, bronchial cancer cell, bronchial epithelial cell, bronchial epithelial cell line, bronchial epithelium, bronchial mucosa, bronchial smooth muscle, bronchial smooth muscle cell, bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell, bronchiolar epithelium, bronchiole, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, bronchoalveolar system, bronchus, C-10 cell, C38 cell, Calu-1 cell, Calu-3 cell, Calu-6 cell, CCD-19LU cell, CCL-39 cell, CH-27 cell, ChaGo-K-1 cell, CL-3 cell, CL1-0 cell, CL1-1 cell, CL1-5 cell, Clara cell, CMT-167 cell, corpus amylaceum, ctenidium, DC-3F cell, DC-3F/9-OH-E cell, DC-3F/ADX cell, DMS-114 cell, DMS-53 cell, DON cell, EAhy 926 cell, EBC-1 cell, EBTr (NBL-4) cell, EKVX cell, empyema fluid, epithelial lining fluid, gill, gill filament, gill raker, GLC-4 cell, GLC-4/ADR cell, GLC-82 cell, goblet cell, H-59 cell, H-650 cell, H-69AR cell, H273 cell, HAE cell, HBE cell, HBE-1 cell, HBE135-E6E7 cell, HBEpC cell, HCC-1171 cell, HCC-2279 cell, HCC-2935 cell, HCC-4006 cell, HCC-827 cell, HCC-95 cell, HELF cell, HFL-1 cell, HOP-62 cell, HOP-92 cell, HPL1D cell, Hs888Lu cell, IB3-1 cell, IMR-90 cell, INER-37 cell, INER-51/PSC-1 cell, insect tracheal system, interalveolar septum, KLN205 cell, large cell carcinoma cell, large cell lung cancer cell line, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma cell, Lewis lung carcinoma cell, Lewis lung carcinoma cell line, LF2 cell, LK-87 cell, LL24 cell, lung, lung adenocarcinoma cell, lung adenocarcinoma cell line, lung cancer cell, lung cancer cell line, lung cell line, lung endothelial cell, lung endothelium, lung epithelial cell, lung epithelium, lung epithelium cell line, lung fibroblast, lung fibroblast cell line, lung squamous cell carcinoma cell, lung squamous cell carcinoma cell line, Ma-1 cell, Ma-25 cell, Ma-45 cell, Ma-53 cell, MLE-12 cell, MLE-15 cell, MRC-5 cell, MRC-5V1 cell, MRC5-SV cell, mucoepidermoid carcinoma cell, MV-522 cell, Mv1Lu cell, nasal cavity, nasal lavage fluid, nasal mucosa, nasal polyp, NCI-H1048 cell, NCI-H1155 cell, NCI-H125 cell, NCI-H1299 cell, NCI-H1355 cell, NCI-H1437 cell, NCI-H157 cell, NCI-H1581 cell, NCI-H1650 cell, NCI-H1672 cell, NCI-H1684 cell, NCI-H1703 cell, NCI-H1792 cell, NCI-H1838 cell, NCI-H187 cell, NCI-H1915 cell, NCI-H196 cell, NCI-H1963 cell, NCI-H1975 cell, NCI-H2009 cell, NCI-H2029 cell, NCI-H2087 cell, NCI-H211 cell, NCI-H2126 cell, NCI-H2170 cell, NCI-H2171 cell, NCI-H226 cell, NCI-H226Br cell, NCI-H23 cell, NCI-H2347 cell, NCI-H292 cell, NCI-H322 cell, NCI-H322M cell, NCI-H345 cell, NCI-H358 cell, NCI-H441 cell, NCI-H460 cell, NCI-H510 cell, NCI-H520 cell, NCI-H522 cell, NCI-H524 cell, NCI-H526 cell, NCI-H596 cell, NCI-H647 cell, NCI-H660 cell, NCI-H661 cell, NCI-H69 cell, NCI-H740 cell, NCI-H82 cell, NCI-H838 cell, NCI-H889 cell, NCI-N417 cell, NHBE cell, non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma cell line, non-small cell lung cancer cell, non-small cell lung cancer cell line, NR-8383 cell, NYH cell, olfactory epithelium, olfactory receptor neuron, OUS-11 cell, PC-10 cell, PC-7 cell, PC-9 cell, peribronchial gland, pleura, pleural cavity, pleural fluid, pleural mesothelioma cell, pleural mesothelioma cell line, pleural mesothelium, pulmonary neuroendocrine tumor cell, pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma cell, RERF-LC-AI cell, respiratory bronchiole, respiratory epithelium, respiratory epithelium cell, respiratory mucosa, respiratory mucus, respiratory system, RFL-6 cell, RLE-6TN cell, S9 cell, SAEC cell, sarcomatoid carcinoma cell, SBC-1 cell, SHP-77 cell, SK-LC-16 cell, SK-LC-8 cell, SK-MES-1 cell, small cell lung cancer cell, small cell lung cancer cell line, SPC-A4 cell, sputum, SW-1573 cell, SW-2 cell, SW-900 cell, terminal bronchiole, TIG-3-20 cell, TIG-7 cell, trachea, tracheal cell line, tracheal epithelium, tracheal mucosa, tracheal smooth muscle, tracheal smooth muscle cell, tracheobronchial epithelial cell, tracheobronchial epithelial cell line, tracheobronchial epithelium, U-1285 cell, U-1285dox cell, U-1752 cell, U-1810 cell, V-79 cell, V-79-4 cell, V79MZh11B2 cell, VA13-TS4 cell, vomeronasal organ, WI-26 cell, WI-38 cell