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Details for negative regulation of blood-brain barrier permeability
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Any process that decreases blood-brain barrier permeability, the quality of the blood-brain barrier that allows for a controlled passage of substances (e.g. macromolecules, small molecules, ions) into and out of the brain
1. down-regulation of BBB permeability
2. down-regulation of blood-brain barrier permeability
3. down-regulation of blood/brain barrier permeability
4. downregulation of BBB permeability
5. downregulation of blood-brain barrier permeability
6. downregulation of blood/brain barrier permeability
7. inhibition of maintenance of permeability of BBB
8. inhibition of maintenance of permeability of blood-brain barrier
9. negative regulation of BBB permeability
10. negative regulation of blood/brain barrier permeability
1. GO REF: 0000058
2. GOC: als
3. GOC: aruk
4. GOC: bc
5. GOC: TermGenie
6. PMID 22524708
7. PMID 30280653
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