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  • Jones, C.G.; Keeling, C.I.; Ghisalberti, E.L.; Barbour, E.L.; Plummer, J.A.; Bohlmann, J.
    Isolation of cDNAs and functional characterisation of two multi-product terpene synthase enzymes from sandalwood, Santalum album L (2008), Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 477, 121-130.
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EC Number Cloned (Comment) Organism expression in Escherichia coli Santalum album SasesquiTPS1, DNA and amino acid sequence determination and analysis, sequence comparison, functional expression of His6-tagged full-length enzyme in Escherichia coli Santalum album


EC Number Metals/Ions Comment Organism Structure Mn2+ or Mg2+, required Santalum album Mg2+ or Mn2+, required Santalum album Mg2+ activates, required Santalum album Mn2+ activates, 10fold less affective compared to Mg2+ Santalum album

Molecular Weight [Da]

EC Number Molecular Weight [Da] Molecular Weight Maximum [Da] Comment Organism 66000
x * 66000, SDS-PAGE Santalum album


EC Number Organism UniProt Comment Textmining Santalum album
- Santalum album B5A435

Purification (Commentary)

EC Number Purification (Comment) Organism recombinant HIs6-tagged SasesquiTPS1 from Escherichia coli by nickel affinity chromatography Santalum album

Substrates and Products (Substrate)

EC Number Substrates Comment Substrates Organism Products Comment (Products) Rev. Reac. additional information enzyme additionally produces beta-bisabolene from (E,E)-farnesyl diphosphate, with low efficiency Santalum album ?
? geranyl diphosphate
Santalum album (+)-alpha-terpineol + diphosphate products are 44% (+)-alpha-terpineol and 33.6% (-)-limonene, along with small quantities of linalool, myrcene, alpha-pinene, (+)-sabinene and geraniol ? (2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate
Santalum album gamma-muurolene + diphosphate SasesquiTPS1 with (2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate as substrate produces a complex mixture of mono- and bicyclic sesquiterpenes. The main products as analysed by GC-MS and GC-FID are the cyclic alcohol germacrene D-4-ol, and helminthogermacrene. Also present are alpha-bulnesene, gamma-muurolene, alpha- and beta-selinenes, as well as several other minor bicyclic compounds, alpha-humulene and nerolidol are detected in proportions below 5% ?


EC Number Subunits Comment Organism ? x * 66000, SDS-PAGE Santalum album More SasesquiTPS1 shows the R(R/P)X8W motif at positions 19-29, and the DDXXD motif Santalum album


EC Number Synonyms Comment Organism sesquiterpene synthase
Santalum album monoTPS1
Santalum album SasesquiTPS1
Santalum album