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  • Simon, A.; Romert, A.; Gustafson, A.; McCaffery, J.; Eriksson, U.
    Intracellular localization and membrane topology of 11-cis retinol dehydrogenase in the retinal pigment epithelium suggest a compartmentalized synthesis of 11-cis retinaldehyde (1999), J. Cell Sci., 112, 549-558.
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Protein Variants

EC Number Protein Variants Comment Organism DELTA289-318 results show that the N-terminal hydrophobic domain is a membrane-anchoring domain Bos taurus additional information introduction of a glycosylation site in mutant 11-cis RDH GM71-73 at positions 71-73, residues NIS. Construction of a mutant protein, 11-cis RDH-HA, with a C-terminal extension of 12 amino acid residues consisting of the hemagglutinin antigenic epitope and a glycosylation site. Results suggest that residues 289-310 of 11-cis RDH are a transmembrane domain and that amino acid residues 311-318 are located in the cytosol Bos taurus


EC Number Localization Comment Organism GeneOntology No. Textmining endoplasmic reticulum the majority of 11-cis retinol dehydrogenase is associated with the smooth ER in retinal pigment epithelial cells. The enzyme is an integral membrane protein, anchored to membranes by two hydrophobic peptide segments. The catalytic domain of the enzyme is confined to a lumenal compartment and is not present on the cytosolic aspect of membranes Bos taurus 5783


EC Number Organism UniProt Comment Textmining Bos taurus Q27979

Source Tissue

EC Number Source Tissue Comment Organism Textmining retinal pigment epithelial cell
Bos taurus