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Information on EC - UDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-N-acetyl-beta-L-altrosamine transaminase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC2.6.1.92
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A pyridoxal 5'-phosphate protein. The enzyme transfers the primary amino group of L-glutamate to C-4'' of UDP-4-dehydro sugars, forming a C-N bond in a stereo configuration opposite to that of UDP. The enzyme from the bacterium Bacillus cereus has been shown to act on UDP-2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-beta-L-arabino-hex-4-ulose, UDP-beta-L-threo-pentapyranos-4-ulose, UDP-4-dehydro-6-deoxy-D-glucose, and UDP-2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-alpha-D-xylo-hex-4-ulose. cf. EC, UDP-N-acetylbacillosamine transaminase, which catalyses a similar reaction, but forms the C-N bond in the same stereo configuration as that of UDP.
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The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Bacteria, Archaea
cj1294, hp0366, more
UDP-4-amino-4,6-dideoxy-N-acetyl-beta-L-altrosamine + 2-oxoglutarate = UDP-2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-beta-L-arabino-hex-4-ulose + L-glutamate
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